We founded our business on three main principles - quality, pricing, and service - and we pride ourselves on our commitment to these principles each day. Switch ON provides outstanding contracting services to all of our clients, and are here to ensure that all of your needs are met. Take a look below to see the variety of services we offer, and what we can do for you today.

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  • Plumbing Services

    Fixing of Different Appliances for the Kitchens & Bathrooms.

  • Home Fixtures

    Fixing of Furniture and different Home Appliances for the Rooms, Kitchens, & Bathrooms

  • Flat Disinfection

    1) Kills 99% of infectious viruses, germs, and bacteria in less than 5 minutes. 2) 100% Safe for kids and pets. 3) Bio-safe, hospital-grade disinfectants used. 4) Tested under UAE health standards.

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  • Decoration Works - Living Room

    Decoration Works including Plaster Works, Fixing of Gypsum Boards and Frames, Plumbing Connection, Electrical Wiring, Fixing of Lights, Paint Works, and Aluminum Works.🧰🛠️ أعمال ديكور متنوعة شاملة أعمال البلاستر، أعمال الجبس و البراويز، التمديدات الصحية، التوصيلات الكهربائية، تركيب الإضاءة، أعمال الصبغ، و أعمال الألومنيوم.🧰🛠️.

  • Wiring System and Lights for the Garden

    Supply and installation of new wiring system and lights for the garden 🔌💡 شراء و تركيب جميع التمديدات الكهربائية مع الإنارة للحديقة🔌💡 #switchonuae #switchon #uae #maintenanceabudhabi #maintenanceuae #generalmaintenance #abudhabilife #abudhabi #AD

  • Decoration Works - Pergola

    Decoration Works including Fixing of Pergola, Electrical Connections, Fixing of Lights, Paint Works, and Aluminum Works.🧰🛠️ أعمال ديكور متنوعة شاملة تركيب العريشة، التوصيلات الكهربائية، تركيب الإضاءة، أعمال الصبغ، و أعمال الألومنيوم.🧰🛠️. #switchonuae #switchon #uae #abudhabi #maintenance #painting #renovationproject #maintenance #lighting #plumbing #explorepage #electricalwork #abudhabi #uae🇦🇪#bathroomdesign #bath #jacuzzi #ledlights

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  • Switch ON General Maintenance & Property Management | Abu Dhabi | UAE

    CALL NOW ​ Switch to Highly Efficient | Switch to Switch ON ​ ​ ANY JOB, WE WILL FIX IT. +971 50 792 0945 +971 58 272 6961 +971 2 444 5698 GET A FREE QUOTE! OUR SERVICES Disinfection & Sterilization Plumbing Electrical Painting Maintenance We use the Hygiene disinfection system to kill all kinds of viruses on contact! It also kills 99.9% of bacteria and is effective against mold and mildew. ​ Read more > We install and repair water supply items and water pumps in businesses, homes, and villas. Regular check-ups for plumbing defects and drainage. ​ Read more > We install and maintain electrical connections and lighting including lights, sockets and switches. Regular check-ups for electrical DB and wiring system Read more > We apply paintings, and coatings to walls, buildings, schools and villas. ​ ​ ​ Read more > We fix and maintain all water leakage, fans, heaters and lights in buildings, schools and villas. Annual Maintenance Contracts for Buildings and Villas ​ Read more > Annual General Maintenance Contracts & Property Management for Building / Towers / Villas. WHO WE ARE Switch ON General Maintenance and Property Management was established in 2012. We have a reputation in Abu Dhabi from all the customers. We are providing customers with a high quality work within an effective cost and time. The main reason behind the establishment of the company was to provide better maintenance service among growing number of maintenance companies. Managing Director runs the company on day-to-day basis with a constant support from Chairman. The company is divided into two sections: General Maintenance Section, and Property Management Section. SOGM is dealing with various national/international companies in the fields of air conditioning maintenance works for providing the professional and dedicated air conditioning maintenance services for private/ government entities in Abu Dhabi. OUR MISSION We will be the service provider for customers in every industry we serve by: Delivering outstanding value to our customers; Bringing in a fair return on our delivered value; and Working closely with our clients, key suppliers and communities to help improve the standard of living and quality of life, taking into consideration the environmental values. ETHICS POLICY We will provide services at an appropriate standard as required to achieve optimal environmental outcome. We will act sincerely and positively with all our clients and customers. We will respect and keep up community values and expectations. We will be open and friendly in all our communications and dealings with our clients and customers. We will honour the confidentiality of the technical and commercial information of our clients. CONTACT US 24/7 CALL US EMAIL US AREAS COVERED FOLLOW US ON +971 50 792 0945 +971 58 272 6961 +971 2 444 5698 info@switchonuae.com Abu Dhabi Mussafah GET A FREE QUOTE! Submit Success! Message received.

  • Contact Us | Abu Dhabi | Switch ON General Maintenace & Property Management

    CONTACT US 24/7 CALL US +971 50 792 0945 +971 58 272 6961 +971 2 444 5698 EMAIL US info@switchonuae.com AREAS COVERED Abu Dhabi Mussafah FOLLOW US ON GET A FREE QUOTE! GET A JOB DONE Success! Message received.

  • Our Services | Switch ON General Maintenance

    OUR SERVICES Disinfection & Sterilization We use the Hygiene disinfection system to kill all kinds of viruses on contact! It also kills 99.9% of bacteria and is effective against mold and mildew. Suitable for all spaces and surfaces. Does not taint or spoil the food. It can be used for wide variety of applications. We have certified professionals, affordable prices, emergency services and we are available 24/7. CALL NOW Painting We cover floors and furniture with dropcloths and tarps to protect . Remove fixtures such as pictures, doorknobs, or electric switch covers. Put up scaffolding and set up ladders. Fill holes and cracks with putty, plaster, or other compounds. Prepare surfaces by scraping, wire brushing, or sanding to a smooth finish. Apply primers or sealers so that the paint will adhere. Choose paints and stains for desired color and appearance. Apply paint or other finishes, using handbrushes, rollers, or sprayers. CALL NOW Plumbing We install pipes and fixtures. Study blueprints and follow state and local building codes. Determine the amount of material and type of equipment needed. Inspect and test installed pipe systems and pipelines. Troubleshoot systems that are not working. Replace worn parts. ​ ​ ​ CALL NOW Maintenance We maintain and repair machines, mechanical equipment, and buildings. Troubleshoot and fix faulty electrical switches. Inspect and diagnose problems and figure out the best way to correct them. Do routine preventive maintenance to ensure that machines continue to run smoothly. Assemble and set up machinery or equipment. Plan repair work using blueprints or diagrams. Do general cleaning and upkeep of buildings and properties. CALL NOW Electrical We read blueprints or technical diagrams. Install and maintain wiring, control, and lighting systems. Inspect electrical components, such as transformers and circuit breakers. Identify electrical problems with a variety of testing devices. Repair or replace wiring, equipment, or fixtures using hand tools and power tools. Follow state and local building regulations based on the National Electric Code. Direct and train workers to install, maintain, or repair electrical wiring or equipment. CALL NOW

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