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Switch ON General Maintenance and Property Management was established in 2012. We have a reputation in Abu Dhabi from all the customers. We are providing customers with a high quality work within an effective cost and time.  

The main reason behind the establishment of the company was to provide better maintenance service among growing number of maintenance companies. Managing Director runs the company on day-to-day basis with a constant support from Chairman.

The company is divided into two sections: General Maintenance Section, and Property Management Section.

SOGM is dealing with various national/international companies in the fields of air conditioning maintenance works for providing the professional and dedicated air conditioning maintenance services for private/ government entities in Abu Dhabi.


We will be the service provider for customers in every industry we serve by:

  • Delivering outstanding value to our customers;

  • Bringing in a fair return on our delivered value; and

  • Working closely with our clients, key suppliers and communities to help improve the standard of living and quality of life, taking into consideration the environmental values.


  • We will provide services at an appropriate standard as required to achieve optimal environmental outcome.

  • We will act sincerely and positively with all our clients and customers.

  • We will respect and keep up community values and expectations.

  • We will be open and friendly in all our communications and dealings with our clients and customers.

  • We will honour the confidentiality of the technical and commercial information of our clients.

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